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Macro Economic Performance Related to Public Expenditure

  • Economics

  • Author   :    Ed.: Abhishek Kumar
    Year of Publication   :   2017
    ISBN   :   9788193472521
    Language   :   English
    Binding   :   Hard Bound
    Pages   :   272
    Size   :   23 cms
    Categories   :   Economics, Public Administration
    Price  :  950

    About the Book :

    This book “Macro Economic Performance Related to Public Expenditure : Issues and Challenges”, contains twenty-four papers contributed by the different scholars. Under the veil of title the real face of discussion is the expenditure on health and education on a macro level. India is enjoying in now a prime position in the educational area not only as a fast emerging economy, but, also as a vast pool of powerful human resource consisting young healthy and educated personnel. Healthy, highly educated and scientifically trained citizens are engaged in a variety of employments in every nook and corner of the world making India proud.

    This book highlights the macro economic philosophy relating to public expenditure on education and health for sustainable development. It is a combined treasure trove of knowledge, because all the contributors are fired with the ardour to open all avenues to suit the needs and requirement of public expenditure for fostering education and health.

    It is hoped that the students and teachers will find this book useful for purposes of research and teaching the “Macro Economic Performance Related to Public Expenditure” at various levels of improvement in education and health in India.

    Contents : Government Expenditure and Education; Financing of Education in India; Status of Education and Public Expenditure on Education; Government Spending Priorities on Higher Education; Impact of Education on Development; Public Expenditure on Effective Inclusion of Education in India during the Plan Periods; Financing of Secondary Education; Ample Investment in Education is not a Mere Device
    for Qualitative Education; Effectiveness of Government Expenditure on Education; Government Expenditure on Education in India; Trends in Public Expenditure on Infrastructure in India; Effectiveness of Government Expenditure on Health and Education; Educational Effect on Uses of Health Care Facilities in Tiruchirappalli District; Burden of Non-communicable Diseases and Health Promotion Programmes (NcDs); Impact of Government Education Expenditure; Inter-State Disparities in Public Health Expenditure and its Effectiveness on Health Status; Effective Growth of Healthcare Infrastructure; Review of Public Expenditure on Health; Public Expenditure on Health through National Rural Health Mission (NRHM); Fiscal Space for Health Expenditure in Indian States; Analysis for Public Expenditure on Mid-Day Meal
    Scheme for Higher Primary Schools; Public Expenditure on Health in India; State-wise Public Expenditure on Health in India; Health Status of Scheduled Tribes.

    About the Editor :

    Dr. Abhishek Kumar is an Associate Professor (II) in the KIIT School of Management, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, (Odisha). Prof. Kumar has more than 12 years of experience in industry, academia and research. He has published 32 research papers in the national and international seminars and journals, with high impact factor. He has authored nine books of high repute, guided two Ph.D. scholars and presently guiding seven scholars. Dr. Abhishek is a Research Scrutiny Committee Member and highly engaged in several research activities.

    One of his book titled "Black Money and Parallel Economy" (Causes, Effects and Remedial Measures) was released by Prof. (Dr.) Kaushik Basu, Chief Economist and Senior Vice-President, World Bank, Washington, D.C. and Prof. (Dr.) Sukhadeo Thorat, Chairman ICSSR (Ministry of HRD, New Delhi) and Former Chairman UGC. His thought provoking book named "Economic Growth and Employment" (Pre- and Post-Reform : Analysis and Challenges) was released from the hands of Dr. Y.B. Reddy, Chairman 14th Finance Commission and Former Governor, Reserve Bank of India and Prof. Sukhadeo Thorat, Chairman, Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) and former Chairman, University Grants Commission (UGC). Prof. Kumar has been awarded with prestigious “Dr. Asha Sablok Memorial Gold Medal” for the best conference research paper, besides various other awards in the industry and academia.

    Prof. Kumar has also the credit of bringing the first funded a major project for the KIIT School of Management entitled "Process Documentation of Best Practices and Innovations in Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA)”, approved by the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) Ministry of HRD, Government of India, New Delhi. In this major project, he is working as a Joint Project Director. Further, he is also associated with several administrative responsibilities assigned by the KIIT University. He is the Chairperson of the Hostel Committee. He is the Chairperson of the Disciplinary Committee. He is also a member of the University Disciplinary Committee (UDC). He is also a Member of the KIIT Knowledge Tree-Lecture Series of the KIIT University. He is the Professor-in-charge of National Service Scheme (NSS) and Faculty Chairperson of Mentor-Mentee System in Operation, in the KIIT University for close monitoring of students for holistic development of students. To add, Prof. Kumar is also closely associated with NGO interface, corporate consultancy and innovations.

    For the outstanding contribution of the Author in the field of Economics, Prof. (Dr.) Kumar has been awarded "KAUTILYA ARTHASHASTRA AWARD” 2016 by the Economic Association of Bihar (EAB).