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Women Rights in the Global Era

  • Women & Children Studies

  • Author   :    Shikha Saini
    Year of Publication   :   2017
    ISBN   :   9788193472507
    Language   :   English
    Binding   :   Hard Bound
    Pages   :   260
    Size   :   23 cms
    Categories   :   Politics, Women & Children Studies
    Price  :  780

    About the Book :

    Globalisation is an influencing force both in the positive and negative forms. The people across the globe and especially the people in the developing countries are influenced by the global investment, technology and the free-flow of knowledge and the ideas of global and human governance. The impact of globalisation is relative to group identity, geographical location, culture, gender and the skill capacity of the individuals.

    Contents : INTRODUCTION; EVOLUTION OF WOMEN RIGHTS : Women in Ancient India; Women in Medieval India; Women in Modern India; Political Status of Women; SOCIAL RIGHTS OF WOMEN : Women Health and Political Governance; Globalisation and Women Health; Policy Initiatives and Women Health in Globalised India; The Government Initiative for the Improvement of Girl Child Sex Ratio : An Analysis; Bad to Worse : Pros and Cons of Global Medical Technology; Sex Difference and Child Mortality in India; The Maternal Health Care and Women in South Asia; Fertility Rate and Population Control; Globalisation and Women Education in India; Government Policies and Women Education; Literacy Rate Trends; Higher Education and Women; Crime Against Women : An Analysis; ECONOMIC RIGHTS OF WOMEN: Global Investment and SEZ; The Global Efforts and the Real Position of Women; Gender Budgeting and National Perspective Plan for Women 1988-2000; Policies and Programme for Development and Empowerment of Women; Women Employment and Empowerment in India: An Analysis; Industrial Distribution of Workforce; Women in Organised and Unorganised Sector: An Analysis; POLITICAL RIGHTS OF WOMEN : Women Participation and the Indian Politics since Independence; CONCLUSION.

    About the Author

    Dr. Shikha Saini holds her Ph.D. Degree in Political Science from Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra (Haryana). She is among the founding members of the Post-Graduate Department of Human Rights at DAV College for Girls, Yamuna Nagar. Born and brought-up in a remote village of Kurukshetra District of Haryana. She is witness to the hard working and tolerating nature of the women in Haryana and the kind of treatment meted to the women and violence against women from her childhood.

    She is committed to the upliftment of women and furthered her concerns in her academic writings and activities. She decided to work on the Impact of Globalisation of Women Rights in India for her Ph.D.

    She is presently serving as Assistant Professor in Department of Political Science and Member of Women Studies Centre at DAV College for Girls, Yamuna Nagar (Haryana).

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