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Directive Principles of State Policy

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  • Author   :    Jay Prakash Yadav
    Year of Publication   :   2018
    ISBN   :   9789388147026
    Language   :   English
    Binding   :   Hard Bound
    Pages   :   304
    Size   :   23 cms
    Categories   :   New Books, Law, 2018
    Price  :  1350

    About the Book :

    Directive Principles are the bundle of the norms which regulate the functioning of the government for the welfare and development of the society. These are the self-regulatory norms having public sanction behind them. These principles are the guidelines for the government and government should follow these principles for making their policy.

    The origin of Directive Principles belongs to India. The Directive Principles contain the fragrance of moral and social principles. This could be seen in the ancient Indian literature such as the Smritis, Purans, etc. India has always been the forerunner in this particular field, in the ancient Indian literature these principles has been presented as the Dharma. Since these principles were taken as the part Dharma, they are supposed to be the Divine Principles. Hence, these were followed involuntarily by the kings and their subjects.

    Parts III and IV of the Constitution have been described as the conscience of the Constitution. The Directive Principles of State Policy set forth the humanitarian socialist percepts that were the aims of the Indian social revolution. The Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles were designed by the members of the Constituent Assembly to be the chief instruments in bringing about the great reforms of social revolution. They have helped to bring the Indian society closer to the goal of social, political and economic justice for all as enshrined in the Constitution.

    Contents include : Introduction; Philosophy, Nature and Significance of Directive Principles in the Indian Constitution; Agrarian Reforms and Prevention of Concentration of Wealth—Village Panchayats; State Obligation Towards Women and Children; Social Security and Obligation of State; Community Welfare Under the Directive Principles; Directive Principles from Goal to Reality; Epilogue.

    About the Author :

    Prof. (Dr.) Jay Prakash Yadav, Ph.D., NET/(UGC), LL.M., is Professor of Constitutional Law. He has Teaching, Research, Administrative and Practicing Experience at Bar of more than two decades. Currently, he is Director, in the University Institute of Legal Studies, Chandigarh University, Mohali. He was the Founder Director of Jagran School of Law, Dehradun and University Institute of Legal Studies, Chandigarh University as well. His core area of interest is Constitutional Law. He has held responsible academic and administrative assignments in institutes of notable repute. He has guided doctoral research works in Law. He has written several research articles, presented papers, attended and organized many National and International Seminars, Workshops, Faculty Development Programmes, National Moot Court Competitions, etc.

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