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Indian Economy : Pace and Pattern of Development

  • Economics

  • Author   :    Ed.: Purushottam Kumar
    Year of Publication   :   2018
    ISBN   :   9788193637869
    Language   :   English
    Binding   :   Hard Bound
    Pages   :   216
    Size   :   23 cms
    Categories   :   New Books, Economics, 2018
    Price  :  900

    About the Book :

    This book throws light on a sweeping and scintillating canvas of Indian economy and discusses the pace and development issues. It is not denying the fact that many books on Indian economy carry ample description and heaps of data and cramming of data relating to traditional problems like poverty, unemployment, population and low productivity in all sectors and slow pace of growth and development. The learners feel bored and lose interest in the comprehensively dealt traditional aspects of pace and pattern of development of Indian economy. But this book aims to fulfill some new issues and problems, impulses and imperatives, programmes and strategies that the pertinent to steer the pace and pattern of development of this vast and magnificent country like India. The treatise can really, therefore, expect to be an adventure into all the aspects of socio-economic growth and resurgence.

    This book will be useful to students of economics, researchers, teachers, academician and policy-makers.

    Contents include : Economic Growth and Development in India Since Independence; Role of Social Capital Formation in Economic Development in India; Government as a Driver of Economic Growth; Smart City Project : A Conductor of Development; Degradation of Common Property Resources (CPRs) in India; Tertiary Sector-linkages and Growth Prospects; Performance of the Information Technology Industry in the Indian Economy; Environmental Concerns; Environmental Awareness; Climate Change, Environmental Deterioration and Sustainable Development; Resolving the Issues of Development and Environment, the Sustainable Way; Environmental Development and People’s Participation in Gram Panchayat; Renewable Energy Consumption for Eco-friendly Environment; Organic Farming : An Effective Way for Sustainable, Eco-friendly Environment; Coal Mining in Odisha : An Analysis of Economic Benefits and Environmental Costs; Economics of Tourism and Sustainable Development; Economic Analysis of Municipal Solid Waste Management in Tirunelveli Corporation, Tamilnadu.


    About the Editor :

    Purushottam Kumar (b. 1979), earned his Master Degree in Economics and thereafter enrolled in Ph.D. Degree from the T.M. Bhagalpur University, Bhagalpur (Bihar). He has special interest for research in the field of Environment and Socio-metrics. He has published a number of research papers in reputed journals and participated/presented papers in National and International Seminars/Symposia/Conferences and also attend workshops. Now he is engaged in teaching undergraduate level. He is a life member of Indian Economic Association (IEA) and Bihar Economic Association and  associated with various research Journals and societies.