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Poverty, Inequality and Social Protection: Issues and Policies

  • Economics

  • Author   :    Ed.: Swargesh Kumar
    Year of Publication   :   2018
    ISBN   :   9788193637883
    Language   :   English
    Binding   :   Hard Bound
    Pages   :   268
    Size   :   23 cms
    Categories   :   New Books, Economics, Social Work, 2018
    Price  :  1150

    About the Book :

    This book examines the pandemic of poverty and inequality in India and tries to explain various programmes to combat the problems. In fact, Indian economy is growing rapidly over the last few years, but the growth has not helped some segments of the society to come out of their poverty despite several schemes by the Indian Government on poverty alleviation. The growth has been uneven when comparing different social groups, economic groups and rural and urban areas.

    In the present book there are twenty-four papers addressing major issues and consequences of the poverty and inequality in many areas like income, education, health, social amenities and inclusive growth. The analysis has been made in a theoretical framework. The papers presented the latest information on the measures undertaken by the Government of India and their impact on the growth, employment and poverty.

    Contents include : Inequality : Matters for Poverty; Poverty and Inequality in India; Sector-wise Growth Pattern for India; Social Security Issues in India; Social Protection Programme; Impact of Social mobility on Economic Growth and Development; Impact of Structure Change on Economic Growth and Employment in India; An Analysis of Employment in Formal-Informal Labour Markets; Unemployment Problem of India and Human Resource Development; Index of Financial Inclusion and Poverty in India; Sectoral Performance in Agriculture, Manufacturing and Service Sector; How to Provide Universal Access to Health and Education in India?; Access to Elementary Education; Access to Elementary Education in India during 2011/12 to 2015/16; Education and Health Scenario in India; Health Status and Health Care Services; Identifying Deficiency in Rural Health Care System in Odisha; Health Care for All; Fastest Route to Sustainable Development; Health Insurance and its Importance among the Women Workers in Shoe Factory : A Study in Vellore District; Role of Social Protection Policies for Women Against Violence; Economic Empowerment of Marginalized Women; Reduction in Poverty and Income Inequality through Rural Non-Farm Activities among Social Groups in Karnataka; Urbanization and Problem of Solid Waste : A Case Study of Gwalior City in Madhya Pradesh; Rural Development Programmes of Poverty and Nutrition : With Special Reference to Karnataka; Livelihood Vulnerability and Inter-state Migration Decision-making of East Bengali Resettled People in Malkangiri District of Odisha.

    About the Editor :