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Agricultural Growth in India

  • Agriculture

  • Author   :    Ed.: Ramayan Prasad
    Year of Publication   :   2017
    ISBN   :   9788193637807
    Language   :   English
    Binding   :   HB
    Pages   :   464
    Size   :   23 cms
    Categories   :   Agriculture, Economics, 2017
    Price  :  1600

    About the Book :

    The present book on “Agricultural Growth in India : Land Use Pattern, Irrigation and Crisis” highlights that agriculture is one of the dominant sectors. This sector provides the means of livelihood to about two-thirds of the country’s population. It accounts 10% of total export earnings and provides raw material to a large number of industries besides, the rural areas are the biggest markets for consumer good, including consumer durables, apart from a major source of domestic savings. Development of this sector depends upon the advancement of the factors of production which is truer in the case of irrigation and other inputs like HYV seeds, fertilizers and pesticides.

    Contents : Changes in Land Use Pattern and Environmental Degradatio; Structural Changes in Land Holding; Agriculture Women, Livelihood and Land Resource; Causes, Consequences and Remedial Measures of Declining Share of Agriculture in GDP; Present Situation of the Indian Agriculture and Reasons for the Reduction of its Share in GDP; Determinants of Declining Share of Agriculture in Gross Domestic Product in the Pre- and Post-Reform Period; Declining Share of Agriculture and Allied Services in India’s GDP; Analysis of Declining Share of Agriculture in GDP; Causes, Consequences and Remedial Measures of Declining Share of Agriculture in GDP; Agriculture Development and Policy Initiatives; Agriculture Development and Prospect; Strategies and Initiatives for the Development of Agriculture; A Critical Analysis of Agricultural Development; Development of Agriculture Sector; New Technology and Indian Agriculture; Performance of the Agriculture Sector; Impact of Economic Liberalization on Agriculture; Role of Agriculture in Indian Economy; Indian Agriculture Productivity; Possible Ways to Promoting Efficiency in Indian Agriculture Scenario; India’s Sustainable Agricultural Practices and Green Agriculture Initiatives for Climate Justice; Inter-temporal Analysis of Agricultural Sector in West Bengal; Sluggish Growth Rate and its Impact on Indian Agriculture; Structural Changes and its Impact on Agricultural Labour Market; The New Agri-policy, 2016 of Government of Odisha; Performance and Challenges of Agriculture in Tamil Nadu; Economic Analysis of Area, Production, Yield and Export of Food Grains in India (2000-01 to 2014-16); Performance of Agriculture Sector in India; Improving Local and Global Food Security; Promoting Entrepreneurship through Food Processing Industry; Genetically Modified Crops; The Role of Irrigation in Agriculture Development; Fluctuations in Agricultural Output; Role of Irrigation on Production and Yield of Paddy in South Indian States; Sources of Irrigation in Promoting Agricultural Growth in Tamil Nadu; The Role of Irrigation in Agricultural Development; Role of Irrigation in Promoting Growth of Agriculture; An Analysis of Irrigation and Agricultural Development in Telangana State; Water Scarcity and its Implications on Agricultural Development in Maharashtra; Watershed Development Approach and Livestock; Agricultural Crisis in India : Causes, Consequences and Remedies for Development; Growth of Indian Agriculture and the Building of Agrarian Crisis : Diabolic Implications and Corrective Policies; Agricultural Crisis in India; A Logical Analysis of Agricultural Crises.

    About the Editor :

    Dr. Ramayan Prasad is presently working as Director, Directorate of Distance Education, Magadh University, Bodh Gaya was a former Pro-Vice Chancellor, Magadh University, Bodh Gaya. Previously, he was P.G. Head, Department of Economics as well as Department of Labour and Social Welfare, College of Commerce, Patna (NAAC Accredited Grade ‘A’ College under the Magadh University). He has written three books, which are beneficial for researchers and policy-makers. His books are: 1. Agricultural Taxation and Economic Development; 2. Decentralized Planning; and 3. Child Labour and Child Right. He has successfully guided a dozen of research scholars for Ph. D. degree. He has written more than a dozen papers in National and International Journals. He is tendering his service as a member, Managing Committee, Lalit Narayan Mishra Institute of Management and Social Change, Patna (Bihar Government undertaking institution).