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Economic Growth, Inflation, Savings and Investment

  • Economics

  • Author   :    Ed.: Aparna Bhardwaj
    Year of Publication   :   2017
    ISBN   :   9788193472545
    Language   :   English
    Binding   :   HB
    Pages   :   300
    Size   :   23 cms
    Categories   :   Economics, 2017
    Price  :  1050

    About the Book :

    This book “Economic Growth, Inflation, Savings and Investment—An Analysis” examines the relation between growth and inflation, saving and investment in developing and developed countries. The exponent of monetary economics favours that much investment through inflationary finance to promote economic growth. Keynes supported more investment through inflationary finance to maximize the output and employment. With the help of deficit financing in a less developed countries may be in a position to invest that what saves and the paucity of financial resources may be overcome.

    In the growth process, inflationary finance occurs income inflow, but the propensity to consume is high, thus voluntary savings are at a very low level. If the investment is tied to the current level of voluntary savings, growth of real income will be rotated. Savings will remain low and so will investment. Inflationary finance is thus seen as a way of breaking the deadlock of forced saving.

    There are 27 paper contributors altogether and almost all the papers are valuable, continuing  divergence of opinions. Their connotations have of equal value and contributors deeply analysed on the theme in a comprehensive way.

    Contents : Growth-Inflation Nexus; Inflation and Economic Growth; Impact of Inflation and Economic Growth; Impact of Inflation on the Globalizing Indian Economy; Impact of Inflation on Indian Economy; Trade-off between Growth and Inflation Targeting in India; Inflation Growth Dilemma; Inclusive Growth in India; Inclusive Growth in India; Structural Issues Involved in Inflation; E-Governance in India; Indian Economic Excessive Growth Rates or Obsession with Growth Rates?; Macro Economic Development; Validity of Phillips Curve and Macro Economic Linkages of Inflation in Indian Post-Reform Period; Starting for the Development of Smart Cities; Fiscal Policy in India; Impact of Agriculture on the Economic Growth; Growth of Production and Employment in the Manufacturing Industries of Punjab; An Empirical Relationship between Saving and Economic Growth; Population Growth and Economic Development; Inputs, Outputs and Impact of Planned Family Planning Efforts; Jobs for Women in Kerala; Unemployment and Poverty in India; Growth and Progress of Tourism Industries in India; Effectiveness of Natural Resources and Eco-friendly Safety; Revitalization of Co-operative Sector in Maharashtra for the Growth and Development of Economy; Income and Consumption Behaviour.

    About the Editor :

    Dr. Aparna Bhardwaj is a Post Doctoral Fellow at Magadh University, Bodh-Gaya, Bihar. Dr. Aparna is M.A. in Economics from A.N. College, P.G. Centre, Patna, Magadh University, Bodh Gaya. Has been a topper and a Gold Medalist in both the Masters' as well as a Bachelors in Economics. Dr. Bhardwaj has done a dissertation in Analysis of Economic Theories and Policies. She has been awarded a Doctor of Philosophy in Economics from Veer Kunwar Singh University. Besides being associated with the Indian Economic Association for past several years. She has been a very active member of the Indian Society of Labour Economics, Indian Society of Gandhian Studies as well as the Economic Association of Bihar. Dr. Bhardwaj has many research papers and articles published in coveted journals of International and National repute and she also has about half a dozen books to her credit. Dr. Bhardwaj has published many articles in most coveted magazine Pratiyogita Darpan. Her Ph.D. thesis title was "Manmohan's Vision to Empower Indian Economy".