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Disarmament and Arms Control Under the International...

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  • Author   :    Madhu Bala
    Year of Publication   :   2018
    ISBN   :   9789388147057
    Language   :   English
    Binding   :   HB
    Pages   :   174
    Size   :   23 cms
    Categories   :   Law, Military, 2018, New Books
    Price  :  900

    About the Book :

    Disarmament and Arms Control is a burning issue in recent years, but it has a long history. Since the First World War efforts have been made in the field of disarmament and Arms Control. The means of warfare have been changed and modern weapons of technology are very dangerous. Disarmament favours the abolition of the arms race and arms control. Disarmament Conference was convened in 1932 on the limitation of the armaments. The United Nations and USSR had concluded several agreements on disarmaments. They agreed to reduce the Anti-Ballistic Missiles, Strategic Arms, Intermediate Range Weapons at their own sphere. United Nation has  made several multilateral agreements with other countries like Britain, France, Canada, India, China, Israel, etc.

    This book has been divided into 5 chapters : Chapter 1 : Introduction : In this chapter brief introduction is given about disarmament and arms control, meaning and definition of disarmament and brief history of disarmament. Chapter 2 : Disarmament under the Bilateral and Multilateral Treaties : In this chapter, the role of the United States and Soviet Union has been given regarding their bilateral treaties for the prohibition and stockpiling of nuclear and other weapons. A number of multilateral treaties which are concluded on the specific issues of disarmament particularly on the prevention of nuclear weapon tests, prevention on the arms race on sea-bed and the prohibition of the chemical and bacteriological weapons. The role of the NPT and CTBT under the disarmament has also been discussed in this chapter. Chapter 3 : India and Disarmament : In this chapter it has been discussed that which steps India has taken to reduce the danger of nuclear armaments. India’s participation in chemical weapon, biological weapons convention and cut-off the fissile material has been discussed. India has made an agreement with the United States on civilian nuclear energy has also been discussed. Chapter 4 : United Nations and Arms Control : In this chapter United Nations effort to control the armaments, to establish peace, the establishment of the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), establishment of commission for conventional armaments, establishment of the United Nations Disarmament Commission and United Nations joint efforts with other countries to reduce the nuclear armament have been discussed. Chapter  5 : Conclusion and Suggestions.

    The book addresses the globally important issue of disarmament with special reference to India and other developed and developing nations. This book will serve as an interesting reference material for research scholars, strategic planners and alike.

    About the Author

    Dr. Madhu Bala is an Assistant  Professor (part-time) in the Department of Laws in Guru Nanak Dev University, Regional Campus, Gurdaspur (Punjab). She taught for five years on contract basis as an Assistant Professor in Department of Laws, Guru Nanak Dev University, Regional Campus, Gurdaspur (Punjab).

    She did her B.A., LL.B. (FYIC), from Guru Nanak Dev University, Regional Campus, Gurdaspur (Punjab), LL.M., NET/UGC, M.A. Political Science and Ph.D. from Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar (Punjab). Dr. Madhu Bala has published many research papers and articles in coveted journals of International and National repute. She has participated and presented papers in various conferences and seminars. She is a value-added and reflective teacher.

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