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Determinants of Divorce : A Study of the Divorce Cases

  • Social Work

  • Author   :    A.B.S.V.R. Rao, A. Vesavila
    Year of Publication   :   2019
    ISBN   :   9789388147132
    Language   :   English
    Binding   :   HB
    Pages   :   192
    Size   :   23 cms
    Categories   :   Social Work, New Books, 2019
    Price  :  960

    About the Book :

    The present book throw light on the determinants of the divorce. The present book also provides insights on the process of divorce and particularly the pre-divorce stage which has not received any adequate attention in the literature. In addition, the book attempts to bridge the gaps found in the existing literature on the subject, and explore the possibilities of enriching the theoretical formulations on divorce.  The book provides a better understanding on the process of divorce not only for academicians but also for the professionals dealing with family counselling. This book is also useful for the students of Sociology and Social Work and Psychology and Women’s Studies and Family Studies. It helps the counsellors in strengthening the family and the prevention of divorce and improving the compatibility between the couples. 

    Contents include : Introduction: Divorce; Views on Divorce; Socio-demographic Factors Associated with Divorce; Micro Factors; Socio-economic Status (SES); Pre-marital Child Bearing and Pre-marital Pregnancy; Women’s Labour Force Participation; Stages of Divorce; Causes of Divorce; Theories of Divorce; Barriers to Divorce; Consequences of Divorce; Health; Divorce in India. Holistic Picture of the Phenomenon of Divorce : Perspectives of Both Men and Women: Studies on Race and Divorce; Women’s Education and Divorce; Women’s Labour Force Participation and Divorce; Duration of Marriage and Divorce; Studies on Causes for Divorce—Extra-marital Sex; Psychological Problems; No Fault Law and Divorce; Consequence of Divorce. Research Methodology; Analysis of the Divorce Cases Filed in the Family Court: Age at Marriage; Caste; Religion; Socio-economic Status (SES); Economic Cycles; The Family Institution; Distribution of Respondents by Type of Marriage; On What Matters there were Differences? When did the Difference Arise?  Time Gap between Separation and Divorce; Who Initiated the Separation? Why Women Reconciliate? Family and Social Network after Separation or Divorce; Sexual Pleasure and Divorce—Theory; Discussions of the Major Findings.

    About the Authors

    A.B.S.V. Ranga Rao has been teaching in the Department of Social Work, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam (A.P.) for the last twenty-four years. He has published books on “Workers Education”, “Hind-Swaraj”, “Gandhi Suktulu”, “Inspiring Thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi”, “Quotable Quotes of Mahatma Gandhi”, “Gandhi in the Eyes of Foreigners” and five edited volumes: “Some Reflections on Gandhian Thought”, “Revisited Gandhi”,  “Gandhian Ideology and Modern World”, "Gandhian Approach to Rural Development and Communication” and “An Appraisal of Globalization and Governance in Gandhian Approach”.  His areas of interest are Family Studies, Trade Unions and Development Induced Displacement. He is associated with a number of non-governmental organizations working in the development sector. He is acting as Programme Co-ordinator, Gandhian Studies Centre, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam since 2006. He is the Chief Editor of Gandhian Vision, Journal of Peace and Gandhian Studies. He has published a number of articles in the reputed National and International Journals on the subjects of Marriage, Remarriage, and Divorce. He has been in-charge of the Family Counselling Centre run by the Department of Social Work, Andhra University since 1999.

    A.  Vesavila graduated from the Department of Social Work, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam (A.P.). She was awarded doctorate for her research entitled “Single Women in Visakhapatnam City : A Study of Never Married Women”. She taught in Adikavi Nannayya University and Andhra University as Academic Consultant in Social Work. She worked as a Research Project Fellow in UGC’s major research project entitled “Determinants of Divorce”. She has varied and rich experience in the development. She has been closely associated with various national and international non-profit organisations. She has published a number of articles in the national and international  journals. Her areas of interest are: Tribal Studies, SHGs, Single Women and Family Studies. She evaluated and conducted quite a few need based studies and situational analysis at various levels.

    About the Editor :